MSU’s Capital Event Governor’s Race, part 3
A Michigan State University event, journalists and scholars discuss the ethical issues regarding staging an event, off the record and on the record info, and agenda setting by the media during a political campaign. Running time 10 minutes 28 seconds.

Ethics in Public Relations
“Peter Stanton of Stanton Communications shares tips for new communicators about becoming informed and aware of ethical issues in public relations.” (Quote taken from video description) Running time 5 minutes 45 seconds.

Ethics in Leadership
Discussion between staff from the University of Washington and Andrew Young, former aid to Presidential candidate John Edwards, discussing the importance and keys to ethics in positions of leadership. Running time 58 minutes 21 seconds. Viewable in Windows Media Player, Quicktime and available for download.

Late Show – Former Governor Rod Blagojevich
A YouTube video of ex-governor Rod Blagojevich appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman. This is an example of Blagojevich’s media blitz. Running time: 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

Public Relations: Media Manipulation?
A YouTube video of early public relations agencies and how some public relations agencies manufacture news by releasing video news releases. Running time: 9 minutes and 58 seconds.

Public Relations: What Does a Publicity Agent Do?
A YouTube video of CEO Glenn Selig, from The Publicity Agency (the same agency who represented Rod Blagojevich) explaining what a publicity agent does for companies. Running time: 1 minute and 15 seconds.

McClellan book reveals truth to public
Interview of Scott McClellan, former press secretary for President Bush, who published a memoir saying he was forced to present false information to the American public. While some have accused McClellan of being disloyal to his former employer, McClellan argues he could no longer hide the truth from the public. Running time 22 minutes 16 seconds.

The Corporation Part 1- The Pathology of Commerce
The short documentary begins with the history of commerce and continues with Dr. Robert Hare, a consultant to the FBI on psychopaths, drawing parallels between a psychopath and modern corporations. Both are unconcerned about the feelings of others and have no problem with lying or conning people to reach their goals. Running time 47 seconds.

The Corporation Part 2 – Marketing: Basic Training
Corporations’ guerrilla advertising campaigns and branding are analyzed and the effect they have on the public is discussed. The clip also discusses corporations’ use of stockholders money, and if it’s the place of the corporation to invest that money back into local communities or if it is the job of the government and tax payers to decide how that community development money should be used. Running time 9 minutes 57 seconds.

The Corporation Part 3 – Democracy in Action?
Today’s corporations have extended past the reach of any one government as the global market has expanded.  This section of the documentary scrutinizes corporations and government involvement and discusses corporations’ responsibility to the public. Running time 8 minutes 57 seconds.

Watch Dogs or Lap Dogs?
Dr. Joseph Russomanno, Associate Professor of Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, focuses on the First Amendment, press freedom theory and mass communication law. His research includes the historical development of free expression and its philosophical roots. Running time 48 minutes 9 seconds.