Entertainment News Put First in the News
A short mockumentary about news outlets’ obsession with celebrity gossip and fluff pieces, the clip illustrates how real news is pushed aside in favor of celebrity gossip which draws higher ratings and more interest than more serious current issues. Should news organizations cater to the whims of the public or do they have a duty to report on stories about government, economics and social crisis first? Running time 4 minutes 51 seconds.

MSU’s Capital Event Governor’s Race, part 3
A Michigan State University event, journalists and scholars discuss the ethical issues regarding staging an event, off the record and on the record info, and agenda setting by the media during a political campaign. Running time 10 minutes 28 seconds.

The End of Corporate Social Responsibility?
Professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia discusses the impact of the global financial crisis on corporate responsibility. Running time 9 minutes 36 seconds.

The Limits of Free Speech
Journalism professor Stephan Ward presents a lecture about the limits of free speech and the press. Ward believes free speech goes too far when it offends the community it is trying to serve. Just like with any legal issue a reporter can still be within the law, but unethical in how the news is covered or in how the opinions of the news organization are presented. Running time 7 minutes and 3 seconds.

Watch Dogs or Lap Dogs?
Dr. Joseph Russomanno, Associate Professor of Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, focuses on the First Amendment, press freedom theory and mass communication law. His research includes the historical development of free expression and its philosophical roots. Running time 48 minutes 9 seconds.