Dean Wright on Online Journalism Ethics
A YouTube video of Dean Wright, Reuters Global Editor for Ethics, Innovations and News Standards. He lays out the ethics of online journalism and guidelines for writers.

Fat! So? Fighting Fat Fear
Author and activist Marilyn Wann delivers a lecture titled “Fighting Fat Fear During the War on ‘Obesity’,” discussing the media’s portrayal of obesity in women and the mindset that slimmer is better. Running time 60 minutes 56 seconds.

Background into the Muhammad Cartoon Controversy
Danish interview with the artist who drew cartoons of Muhammad that were published in a Danish newspaper in 2005. This is part one of three interviews and covers the thought process behind the drawing as well as reactions and results, and the artist’s response to the protests that resulted from the cartoon’s publication. Subtitled. Running time 7 minutes and 10 seconds

MSU’s Capital Event Governor’s Race, part 3
A Michigan State University event, journalists and scholars discuss the ethical issues regarding staging an event, off the record and on the record info, and agenda setting by the media during a political campaign. Running time 10 minutes 28 seconds.