Wikileaks: Implications for International Affairs
Recording of forum done at the Graduate School for International Affairs discussing Wikileaks and the vast number of implications it might have on US foreign relations for years to come. Running time 1 hour 31 minutes 14 seconds.

Journalism Ethics & Rules
A YouTube video from Mark Grabowski, a journalism professor at Adelphi University. This video provides good guidelines for being an ethical journalist. Discusses plagiarism, conflicts of interest, and fabrication. Running time: 8 minutes and 50 seconds.

U.S. House debates about Federal Shield Laws
The House debating the Free Flow of Information Act, also known as the federal shield law. Chairwoman Louise Slaughter of the Rules Committee spoke on the matter during debate on the rule. Running time 7 minutes 25 seconds.

MSU’s Capital Event Governor’s Race, part 3
A Michigan State University event, journalists and scholars discuss the ethical issues regarding staging an event, off the record and on the record info, and agenda setting by the media during a political campaign. Running time 10 minutes 28 seconds.