Vanderbilt Student In Darfur
Recording of a short talk from a student of the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, discussing his experiences in Darfur, where he was a part of UN peacekeeping mission, and his view of the humanitarian crisis there. Running time 42 minutes 24 seconds.

Journalist Discusses Passion for Social Justice
MSNBC correspondent Keith Olbermann discusses his political commentaries on Bill Moyer’s show. Olbermann feels it’s important for journalists to use the platforms they have been given to draw attention to issues in the news and in politics. Running time 3 minutes 7 seconds.

On Our Watch – a documentary about genocide in Darfur
Actor Sam Waterston narrates a documentary about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. The documentary interviews refugees who have fled the country and explains the history of the civil war. Running time 10 minutes 53 seconds.

Journalists Speak About the Future of Journalism Ethics
This is the same link as Chapter 2. Different journalists from major U.S. news organizations speak about what journalism ethics means to them and how they practice ethical policies in the workplace. Running time 2 minutes 31 seconds.