Drug Advertising
Part of a panel conducted at Northwestern University, where the Professor of Economics and Law talks about the direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs by pharmaceutical companies. Running time 15 minutes.

Understanding How to Use Virtual Advertising on Social Network Sites
Softec Software presents how to use the Second Life social network and Facebook to create advertising targeted to online networks. Both networks allow companies to create a virtual presence for their product and provide a new way to target consumers.Running time 1 hour 2 minutes.

Food Advertisements Contribute to Childhood Obesity
Dr. Mike Megee, in an episode of Health Politics, says that advertising to children contributes to obesity. Megee notes that the lack of FDA regulation doesn’t help reduce childhood obesity. Running time 10 minutes 50 second.

Children Advertising
The science of nagging is examined in this documentary. Susan Linn, a child psychologist, discusses how corporations manipulate children to beg for products. Running time 5 minutes 17 seconds.

Guerilla Marketing Forum
The American Marketing Association’s Boston chapter discusses guerilla-marketing definitions. The clip shows a variety of opinions from marketing professionals. ME9 Chapter 6, Case 23. Running time 2 minutes 31 seconds.

Persuasion in Online Advertising
A short presentation about online advertising strategies and how advertisers are constantly adapting their tactics to an increasingly savvy Internet user who is no longer attracted to the traditional banner advertisement found on most websites. More companies are employing techniques similar to guerrilla marketing to catch Internet users attention. Running time 1 minute 55 seconds