Brand Cultures
Recording of talk given at USC Annenberg regarding brands, brand culture, youth branding, new forms of marketing and commodity activism. Running time 59 minutes 55 seconds.

The Quest for Physical Perfection
University of California lecture regarding the obsession of many young girls with image and their quest for the perfect weight, as depicted by the media around them. Running time 52 minutes 36 seconds.

Selling Celebrity
A mother takes her young daughter into a tanning salon to get a tan for her school pictures. In this clip the salesman illustrates how easy it is to sell an expensive tanning package to the mother by telling her that it’s the same package Lindsay Lohan uses. The clip addresses the ethical dilemma of how advertisers package products and sell them to consumers and how the consumers absorb the messages presented. Running 1 minute 35 seconds.

Retro Cigarette Ad
A Lucky Strike cigarettes ad from the 1950s, It shows advertising strategies and slogans used by cigarette manufacturers. Running time 58 seconds.