The syllabi below use an earlier edition of this book, but can be adapted to ME10.

Communication Ethics

COMM 3200: Communication Ethics (Fall 2012)

CAS 352, Communication Ethics (Fall 2014)

COMM 431: Communication Ethics (Spring 2015)

COMM 431: Communication Ethics (Ross Collins at North Dakota State University utilizes Media Ethics along with several other readings from media ethics texts.)

Mass Communication/Media Ethics

MCOM 433-001: Media Ethics (Fall 2013)

PHL 115, Media Ethics, Lackawanna College

COM 367: Ethical Problems in Mass Communication (Fall 2014), Illinois State University

COM 305: Media Ethics and Cultural Citizenship, American University of Rome

CRN 4593/NMDM 5308, Media Ethics (Spring 2016), The New School

Ethics in the News Media: Power Seeking or Public Service in the American Newsgathering Industries (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Spring 1991 syllabus for new faculty workshop.)

Media Ethics 415 (400 level media ethics course at Eastern Kentucky University that uses 6th edition of Media Ethics. Full semester; includes course schedule and assignments.)

Media, Problems & Practices (415) (Spring 2008, Mount Saint Mary College. Uses 7th edition of Media Ethics. Includes course schedule and assignments.)

Media Ethics (Comm 2254) (Extensive syllabus with lecture outlines, course calendar, and more from the University of West Georgia.)

J397 Mass Media Ethics (Syllabus from Randall Livingstone at the University of Oregon, Summer 2010.)

CJ 412 Mass Media Ethics (This syllabus from Jack Kapfer at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (fall 2009) utilizes Media Ethics 7th Ed.)

NYU Steinhardt Ethics and Media (Sample syllabus from NYU’s Ethics and Media course, which includes Media Ethics 8th Ed.)

TCOM2150 Ethics and Communication (Fall 2010 syllabus from Dr. Terry Carter at Southern Polytechnic State University. Includes a course description, objectives, outcomes, and a list of assignments. This course uses Media Ethics 8th Ed.)

Mass Communication Ethics (Syllabus from Loyola University New Orleans. Includes assignments and course calendar. This course uses Media Ethics 6th Ed.)

JMC361 Media Ethics (Spring 2010 syllabus from Professor David Allen from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Includes course objectives and assignments. This course uses Media Ethics 8th Ed.)

J410 The Media as Social Institutions (Syllabus from Professor Steve Raymer at Indiana University. Includes course overview and assignments. This course uses Media Ethics 6th Ed.)

Law and Ethics of Communication

MMC 3200: Law and Ethics of Communications

Ethical Issues in Media (Winter 2016), Bachelor of Applied Arts (Media Studies)

COM 250: Freedom of Expression and Communication Ethics (Spring 2013), University of Miami

BMC325 Law & Ethics in Broadcasting (Syllabus from Professor James Conroy at Breyer State University. Includes course overview, objectives, and assignments. This course uses Media Ethics 7th Ed.)

Journalism Ethics

Journalism 431: Mass Media Ethics (Spring 2015)

JMC 4805: Journalism Ethics

Media Ethics and the Workplace (Journalism 326) (Ball State University, Spring 2002. Full semester course schedule included.)

Communication and Journalism 465 (Syllabus developed by Dennis Herrick, University of New Mexico. “This course will study the power (and occasional arrogance) of the press, and the ethical problems that often arise. We will focus special attention on the news media in the print, broadcast, and Internet industries, and we also will consider ethical issues in advertising, public relations and management.”)


VIC 3001: Sight, Sound and Motion (Spring 2015)

Syllabus no. 1 (Undergraduate, standard semester (12-15 weeks). Includes course goals, learning objectives, schedule of readings, etc. Uses ME7 as primary text.)

Syllabus no. 2 (Undergraduate, standard semester (12-15 weeks, hybrid delivery (face-to-face and online). Uses ME7 as primary text.)